Happy Clients

Marnie & Saul J.

Gladesville, NSW

“Aiden has a passion for understanding his clients and achieving the best possible outcomes. We have thoroughly enjoyed Aiden’s warmth and professionalism and highly recommend both him and the entire team, who continuously exceed our expectations. They have made a genuine difference to our lives, helping us to think through a long term plan for our life and providing us expert advice on how to achieve it. With their help we were able to quickly move on investments and execute our financial plan, which we are already seeing the benefits from.

Thank you to Aiden, Lindsay and the team.”

Andrew & Elizabeth L.


“The team at AWS have provided professional guidance, advice and support,  helping us to begin our wealth creation journey. The complex has been made simple, the processes efficient and time saving.  We have no hesitation in recommending their personable services to anyone who wants to achieve their financial goals.”

Hugh Figgis

St. Leonards, NSW

“I have retained Lindsay Yelland as my financial advisor for about 10 years and consider that I have benefited greatly by that association. Lindsay has put in place a balanced forward thinking portfolio of investments for me. I have no hesitation in recommending the AWS group to handle one’s financial affairs.”

Shayne & Alessandro C.

Casula, NSW

“Communication is the key!

Setting up our own superannuation fund and acquiring two properties all at once was mind boggling. Lindsay, Kerry and Alex, thank you all for your professional advice and  your profound knowledge, it has made taking the steps to secure our future very easy.”

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