Ongoing Advice Service Agreement

AWS Financial Planning Ongoing Advice Service Agreement

As your Financial Advisers, it’s our role to provide you with the advice you need to achieve your financial goals. This page outlines your Ongoing Advice Service Agreement – the services you receive are important as they offer ongoing support to help you stay on track.

The terms of the Agreement, including the services you are entitled to and the cost, are set out below.  

Once you have made the decision to implement the recommendations provided in your Financial Plan, you need to make sure that they continue to meet you changing needs and objectives. The following variables can change over time and can have significant impact on your financial planning strategy:

 Lifestyle or financial situation changes

  • Legislative changes
  • Taxation environment
  • Centrelink issues
  • The economic environment; and
  • Investment sector and fund manager performance

 It is important that your Financial Plan is re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure it is achieving, or is on track to achieve, the objective you set out with. If your objectives change it is likely the plan will need to be altered to accommodate this.

 As your financial planners, we wish to provide you with an ongoing review service that monitors these factors, to ensure your portfolio remains consistent with your needs and objectives. The following services are available to you.

Access to Professional Advice

Dealing with Government Bodies

Regular Communications & Updates

Strategic Reviews

It is extremely important that you provide us with a regular update of your details so that we can use your Goals & Objectives to refine our agreed strategies for you and your family. With any updates it is important we discuss your total financial position, and to assess the relative importance of changes to the financial environment. Where these type of changes occur, we may recommend that you take advantage of various opportunities, such as improvements or refinements to superannuation or taxation strategies.

Asset Allocation

Over time, market fluctuations, contributions and withdrawals from your investments cause the Asset Allocation of your fund to change. The Asset Allocation plays a key role in determining the investment return achieved by your portfolio and is critical in managing your chosen Investment Risk Profile. Over time, we may recommend you change investment strategies to suit your revised Goals, Objectives or Timeframes.

Personal Insurance

Your need for insurance changes as you move through different stages of your life. Over time, as your net wealth increases, we can investigate opportunities to decrease your insurance cover and provide you with cost savings. Alternatively, changes to your income, your cost of living, your relationships, number of dependents or increased borrowings, may justify an increase to your level of insurance cover. If you have multiple superannuation funds holding group cover insurance, we will assist you with payment of premiums to help ensure your policies remain in force.

Product Services

Where we are nominated as your advisers and contact point for the various personal insurances, supers or investments you hold, we are prepared to act on your behalf and raise your areas of concern directly.

Other Services

These services are offered through our professional network and distinctly separate to AWS’ authority to operate as Financial Planning Advisers.

Personal Taxation services

Legal advice

Mortgage Broking

Stock Broking