Why choose AWS?

Find out all the benefits of partnering with a non-institutional financial planner

Aligned Interests

Without institutional ownership, advice is truly in line with client interests.

Adaptive Strategies

We know everyone’s needs and objectives differ, so why should you be provided the same advice as everyone else? Your adviser will get to know you and provide personalised financial strategies.

Coaching & Education

These days it seems everyone is a financial expert – just ask your uncle about investment properties at your next family BBQ. To help you make informed decisions, we provide ongoing educational articles and fact sheets so you can be empowered with your own financial knowledge.

Customer Support

We understand that making life-altering financial changes can be scary – but you’re not alone. Our advisers partner with you to ensure you are supported every step of the way as you embrace your financial future.

Our Advantage

Unswayed by institutional ownership but retaining access to the entirity of the insurance, superannuation and investment market, AWS provides optimal choice with impartial advice – a winning combination.


As almost 10% of your wages, superannuation is one of your most important assets for retirement. However, many Australians are indifferent to the role that superannuation has in securing your lifestyle.

We help to demystify superannuation and provide powerful advice to supercharge your superannuation.


An effective investment property strategy can add significant value to your position at retirement.

Many advisers are product driven, and fail to see the role that property can have in diversifying your portfolio.

We understand the nuances of property, and help build an effective portfolio for your retirement.


Financial advice too often assumes optimal wealth accumulation conditions. Life is full of surprises, so we work with our clients to ensure you are covered for any eventuality.

We offer acess to the entire personal insurance market to ensure your specific needs are met.


A heavy tax bill can weigh on your retirement prospects.

Our panel of accountants ensure the tax advice you receive helps minimise the impact of tax on your overall wealth.

Lindsay Yelland (CFP)

Lindsay Yelland (CFP)

Managing Director

​With 20 years of experience in the financial advice sector, Lindsay leads the team at AWS with aplomb. A Charted Financial Planner (CFP), Lindsay provides honest, straight-forward advice that maximises the ability of clients to achieve their financial objectives. By engaging with clients on a deeper level, Lindsay takes the burden and stress of managing your finances off your shoulders, to enable you to enjoy your lifestyle to the fullest.
Alex McMillan (B. Bus (Finance), DFP, JP)

Alex McMillan (B. Bus (Finance), DFP, JP)

Operation Manager & Adviser

Alex has a driving desire to help clients achieve the best of their financial circumstances. By spending time getting to know all clients of AWS Financial Planning, Alex ensures that clients’ specific goals and objectives are met.

Alex overseas the provision of advice and ongoing reviews for all AWS clients.

Jade Stapledon (MBA. DFP, ADFP)

Jade Stapledon (MBA. DFP, ADFP)

Compliance Manager

The Financial Services industry is Jade’s passion, with her experience across a range of businesses contributing to her significant knowledge of the industry and the issues Financial Service Professionals face. Having previously sat on the board of financial planning dealer groups, Jade is well equiped to ensure the compliance of all advice coming out of AWS Financial Planning.
Marissa Campbell- Service

Marissa Campbell- Service

Financial Services Associate

Marissa provides key support services to our advisers whilst acting as an important point of contact for clients.

Marissa ensures all the detailed information that clients provide is accurately detailed in their financial plan, as well as aiding the implementation of financial plans.

Associated Professionals

Davis Worcester & Co Solicitors assist AWS clients with legal matters, including property conveyancing and estate planning.

Qgr Accountants are an accountancy firm based in Robina, QLD. Qgr provide SMSF returns & ITR services to our client base, providing experienced advice with a compliance focused approach to accounting.

Yelland Property Loans provide credit advice to AWS clients, including owner occupied loans, investment loans and refinancing.